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Konsulenthuset for Socialøkonomi

Susanne Lydholm
Green Network

Thue Birk Svenningsen
Sustainable Business Solutions

Lars Konggaard

Morten Nielsen
Lead Sustainability

Helene Regnell
Lead Sustainability

Hanne Luke
Lead Sustainability

Kasper Schmidt
Green Network

Christian Christensen
Green Network

Normally, we would have been competing for life – and we are still doing that, but we also work closely together to help enterprises and organizations make profit and grow while fighting the biggest problems the world is facing.

… because collaboration creates highest value for the world, enterprises and organizations!

The value for enterprises and organizations includes working with purpose to reduce its energy consumption, to convert to green energy, to fight corruption, to introduce circularity for all material flows and to enter into partnerships with other enterprises.

Areas that are part of UN’s 17 Global Goals – the SDGs.

The value for the world is that enterprises and organizations are getting better and faster to contribute to the fulfillment of UN Global Goals, the COP 21 agreement from Paris, Denmark and EU’s CSR objectives etc.

CSR creates growth and commercial value

When introduced correctly, CSR will lead to higher revenue, lower costs, improved image and reduced business risks.

CSR is also an important element for attracting and retaining the most talented employees, and clear and honest communication about goals and achieved CSR results is increasingly crucial for customers when deciding to buy the company’s goods or services.

Our strategic network

We advise all categories of private enterprises and public organizations regardless of size, industry or sector.

Our advice is based on the latest and most relevant CSR knowledge, and we ensure that through systematic and close professional sparring among all our CSR consultants, ongoing professional education, courses and conferences.

Advice on e.g. CSR strategy, CSR reporting, social economic companies, circular economy, anti-corruption, CSR policies, responsible supply chain management and work environment are among the areas offered by CSR Advisors Denmark.

Overview of the entire CSR area

We want to contribute to higher transparency in the CSR advisory industry, and our website therefore includes links directly to 100 other CSR advisors and 75 organizations, standards and initiatives within the CSR world – an important overview for Danish managers.