Our objectives

We work to engage companies in finding their unique CSR purpose and creating impactful business opportunities with a strategy and execution that the world will love them for.

What we believe in

We believe that CSR has become a premise for doing business in the 21st Century and that all businesses can reap commercial benefits from targeted and ambitious efforts.

What you get from us

We are specialists in delivering solutions for documentation and business development within the field of business-driven CSR and sustainability. We advise on development of purpose and strategy, implementation and project management, reporting and communication, digitization of CSR data, insights and inspiration, training and help to developing your own CSR projects.

We have ten years of experience with developing and managing CSR projects in medium-sized and large companies, both as employee in CSR departments in Grundfos and OK a.m.b.a. and as senior CSR management consultant with projects for more than 25 companies.

With experience from both sides of the table, as employee and consultant, we have a great understanding of combining your needs with relevant solutions so that CSR will work optimally for your business.